Friday, December 12, 2008

Dutch Townhouses

OK, so I was planning on doing Martha Stewart cake decorating idea she had in her magazine last year (yes, I read it sometimes). It was cake decorated by a circle of gingerbread Dutch townhouses. Oddly enough, I actually have a collection of over 20 of these through an unusual source. So instead of using her stencils, I made englarged xerox copies of my houses and traced them out. I ended up not having enough time to decorate them before the holiday party I hosted at my home last Friday, so they never made it around my key lime cheesecake.

Though not yet decorated, I still have most of the cookies, so stay posted for future cookie decorating shots!

The houses lined up along my parent's living room window.

These photos are from last year, so you can also see the beer I got my brother for Christmas from the Barrington Brewery.
As usual, I made a mess.

I also cut out some little cookies from the scraps.

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