Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ocean Grove

Today I went to Ocean Grove, NJ, with my father. Even though the forecast predicted thunderstorms, neither of us will turn down a trip to the beach. My father used to go to Ocean Grove and Asbury Park as a child and therefore loves to reminisce. It was so foggy at times, that Asbury Park was hardly visible as a deserted ghost on the horizon. The surf was extremely turbulent so we did not venture out too far out into the waves. However, I had to get my head wet at least once by kneeling down into the water and was at one point completely knocked over dragged a few feet by the current.


These "butterflies" were my favorite growing up.

Sand crab.
My father reading the paper.
Asbury Park is just a dream.

Where we first had breakfast and later ice cream.
There was a torrential storm on the way home.

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Switri said...

Beautiful photos, Ms. P. Looks like a fun trip.