Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Craft Night

Recently my friend Katie and I decided it would be a great idea to hold craft night every other week or so. This way we could be inspired to make things in an ongoing way, learn from each other's ideas, and encourage the giving of hand-made gifts during the holiday season as an alternative to buying them. Below I've included some photos from our first gathering, including the official invitation Mr. Bunny* was so inclined to create:

*Mr. Bunny is one of many Christmas tree ornaments I make for my mom each year. See some of the previous ones posted on one of my older blogs.

Mr. Bunny, Oscar my mom's parrot, and Miss Mousey introduce the event!
Woodpecker is the next to join the group.
Katie diligently sewing.I'm flying! Let's see who's working over here...Jess pausing between knit stitches to read up on some crafting ideas.Katie is proud to present Bluebird!Hello.I am so fine. Please check out my profile view.New friends flying together.OK, we'll calm down and stay still for just one moment.Close-up of Jess's jar cozy.
The morning after. My first latté ever. I am buzzed like a hummingbird!

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Jessica said...

I just have to say how completely charmed I was by Woodpecker and Bluebird (and the rest of the crew). Delightful!