Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things I've Made, small - assorted

I know it's not Christmas, but I am working my way backwards in time with my photographic posts. It's what I would have posted were I to have had a blog half a year earlier.

Mr. Bunny is my favorite I think. (I will not give up my carrot.)


Formosus Et Venustus said...

Hi SaRa!!! I LiKe Ur PiCs!!! ThE fRoG wAs VeRy CoOl!!!

HaVe a NiCe DaY!!!

Yale said...

damn girl.
we need to institute "creative night."
with your supreme direction, i could make all of my holiday gifts over the course of the summer.
i absolutely love these wool felted animals.
(of course).

switri said...

Sara! These are so cute. And Mr. Bunny is amazing. If you make another one of him, I will buy it. I am not kidding.

Sara Parrilli said...

There are many people actually who've wanted to have creative craft night for some time. Erin and I have had a few button sewing sessions, but that's been about it. Peter wanted to make a rag rug.

I'm on it.