Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Things I've Made, large - assorted (knitwear) II

More knitwear. This one was knit on Japanese Shima Seiki industrial knitting machines. I designed the fabric, but I am most proud of my neck trim (which the photo barely does any justice). I was designing and simultaneously learning how to use the knitwear computer program, so I had envisioned the girls' heads to be much smaller. Due to the limiting time constraints, I wasn't able to alter the pattern.

Knit with wool I dyed and then spun into yarn on a drop spindle.
Recycled elk antler buttons.

Some fun shaping.


Maureen Cotton said...

Good room lighting. is that just with the lamps in your room? If so, I'm impressed with your camera. I like the close-up knit shots.

Sara Parrilli said...

Yes, and thanks lady.