Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Decorating Officially Begins

My parents had an old pomegranate that was past its prime. Rather than let it go completely to waste, I decided to decorate it with cloves, just as you would an orange. The skin was a on the thick side, so I used a wooden skewer to poke the holes first. I've learned from doing the oranges that it's best to keep the cloves a little farther apart than your desired look. Then when the fruit continues to dry up, the cloves aren't so close together that the skin breaks apart.

The longer the fruit dries, the more the cloves will bleed a dark brown stain into the skin of the orange or pomegranate. If you decide to cover the fruit completely in cloves, it will turn all brown but if you want to have a decorative brown line, then do separate lines of cloves with greater spaces between them.


lena anna said...

thanx Sara!!! and it's not too late yet! i am still not finished and maybe never gonna be :) i've done such an orange with cloves but still haven't bought some hooks to hang it in the window (i use to put a ribbon or so around so i can hang it! i hope i can send a pic later) i hope i won't get sick no because we have planned some christmasholyday at Tobbe's grandmas cottage far away from civilisation! until then it's such alot to do! and no i better hurry to feed the dogs so i can go sleeping to be fit tomorrow for the dogtraining! hugs - Lena

Jessica said...

All hail Ms. Sara Parrilli, master hostess of cozy and festive gatherings! Thanks so much for a lovely experience, my dear :) I left my plate at your casa, so I'll remember to pick it up next time I'm over. Mwah! You rock!

Sara Parrilli ~ Artist, Designer said...

Oh my goodness... You have no idea how much this party made me happy. So many people came bringing lovely dishes and everyone seemed to have a great time. That's all I ever needed for Christmas.

(Took terrible photos though, so will have to rely on Mo's!)