Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sweater Weather Report

As usually happens when I decide to focus on cleaning and organizing my life, I come across some material that inspires me to go off an a tangent and make something else. I found this old sweater that I never wear and decided to doctor it up by added a collar, a front closure (instead of keeping it pullover), and a few embellishments made up from my old knitting samples.


Pamelekh Klezmer Orkester said...

Amazing creation. I had the pleasure of seeing it on an early wearing and it looks as great on Sara as on the mannequin. This inspires me to look differently as old sweaters that I don't wear any more. What could they become? Now getting from inspiration to manifestation is another story. We'll see...Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Sara Parrilli ~ Artist, Designer said...

Thanks Elena,

Think I'll see you Sunday!

Anonymous said...

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