Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Manifest Your Dreams

This is the second installment of Maureen's manifestation boxes. Write your dreams onto a slip of paper as if they've already occurred and slide them into the keyhole of the box. I had the pleasure of helping her decorate the box this time around.

Visit Maureen's blog to see proof of her previous dreams come true. She's finally posted the trailer for her multi-media film project on the Little Brothers of St. Francis in Boston!

Maureen dreaming of the box,
or perhaps the poetry of John Haines.


Jessica said...

I love the new manifestation box! It's totally psychedelically beautiful. And I had the chance to put my first two visions in it last night.

Pamelekh Klezmer Orkester said...

beautiful, beautiful box to match an beautiful idea. Hope to add my dream to it soon.