Sunday, December 28, 2008

Traces of Christmas

Though I haven't been up there yet to visit them, this year some of my handmade felt ornaments were featured on Jiminy Peak's tree up at the Berkshire Musuem's Festival of Trees, Pittsfield, MA. Sadly that meant my mom only had a couple to put up on her own tree this year, but they'll return home before next year. Within the next week I'm bound to go see them before the exhibit closes on Janary 4th, 2009.

The one thing I've realized with my animals is that if you've never seen them in person they appear much larger than actual size when photographed. Most of them are barely two to three inches in size! Some of the ones pictured here are new this year, including the fox, baby sea otter, and red bellied woodpecker, while the rest of this year's batch are up at the museum along with some oldies.

Mr. Fox
Baby Sea Otter
Red Bellied Woodpecker
Mr. Bunny
Oscar, My Mom's African Grey Parrot
My mom made this circular one in the 1970s.
Some of my mom's more current work. She made a pretty tray out of ice, pine cuttings, and cranberries to hold the star-shaped ice she had been preparing over the last few weeks. She was very inspired by my friend Lena's blog and started researching more Scandinavian ideas.
Some ice stars in ginger beer! Mmm...
We also had a lovely hand-made beeswax candle from the Hawthorne Valley Yuletide Fair, that burns down into the shape of an angel.

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