Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Light After the Storm

On Friday, December 12th I had a little old world holiday party at my home, with such delightful visitors as St. Nicholas and Santa Lucia. The week beforehand, everything was going as planned with the preparations, until I until I read my horoscope as I occasionally do for fun at www.astrologyzone.com. This time I was sincerely forewarned about a very angry full moon on this exact date. I always take such astrological advice with a grain of salt, and was decided that the party would be the perfect opportunity for everyone to happily avoid this potentially angry full moon in each of their lives. However the day before the party we were hit with major ice storm, and as I went to bed on Thursday night to the sounds of icy trees crashing over in the woods, I began to think this angry full moon had nothing to do with the actual happenings at the party, but that it was not going to happen at all! Despite the fact that this ice storm caused much havoc all along the Northeast, and many of my party attendees almost didn't find my home due to a barricade of fallen power lines, the party prevailed and was indeed a success...

View from of the backyard after the ice storm,
not nearly as bad hereas in the surrounding areas.

Even the night of the party, the clouds
looked threatening, but quite beautiful.
The potluck arrivals...

Santa Lucia and St. Nicholas had personal greetings for everyone!

Sometime around this point many people started
singing, and I played some accordion accompaniment.
Mmm, this girl looks familiar...
The leftovers of my rainbow veggie
torte made a yummy lunch the following day.

On Sunday, I went for a walk with Hannah (who mysteriously looks very much like Santa Lucia) up the Appalachian Trail to Ice Gulch on East Mountain. Though we hiked for a good 1.5 hours, we were forced to turn around before reaching the top as the trail became to too icy.

Some interesting ice formations...

There was much fallen debris.
Hannah in the entryway to Narnia...

The sunset that same evening was quite stunning.

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