Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkins and First Snow

Hannah and I went pumpkin picking a few days ago at Howden Farms.The end result.

You can't tell, but it's actually snowing in these pictures...

The following morning.Handiwork from sitting in front of the fire while it was snowing outside!As you can see, I'm not done yet...Softness... This is why I love winter.My morning drive...

Drive-by shots of the mountains...


lena anna said...

hi Sara!

finally i found how to comment here :) your pics always looks so wonderfull, i love them! when you love winter you really should be here now, so nice with cold and sunny days but no snow yet but everything freezes!

i don't really like halloween but what you did with the pumpkins was just beatiful! i have to go and have a look at the shop tomorrow if they have big pumpkins and do something nice! i love pumpkins to eat, here in sweden nobody knows that you can eat them too!
when we were children we always did such lanterns but not with pumpkins another round 'thing' that has a skin colored white on one side and purple on the other and its much smaller. we sis that to celebrate saint martin november 11th and walked around with all children, so nice memorries!

bye the way, can you e-mail me your adress?

(i'm soo tired, got upp early and now i carried 1 ton dogfood and my whole body hurts!)

Maureen Cotton said...

snow + lingering foliage = gorgeous! I was in Brooklyn and missed it! Glad you captured it. :)