Sunday, May 29, 2011

May Days

Irises are just starting to bloom...The backyard has been filled with forget-me-nots!
Another birthday cake. This time for my friend Laura.
Taking down the Maypole.
Two of my fine gentlemen friends are in a band called The Easy Ridin' Papas. That's Adam Brown on the right and Will Conklin on the left. I saw them play earlier this month at the Dreamaway Lodge up in Becket and they had quite the crowd! If you like old-timey bluegrass tunes, check 'em out! They're sure to be busking the streets of Great Barrington throughout the summer.
I found this little guy outside in the drive, his life already past. I placed him on the window sill between the kitchen and the hallway, and somehow while I was gone he managed to hang himself over the edge by an invisible thread.
My potatoes are really coming up! Especially these purple ones.
Somebody's studio is finally in order. I love my local music posters!
I've somehow become obsessed with d├ęcoupage. I recently experimented with it on my kitchen table. Though done a bit hastily, the table is now a new and improved. The majority of cut pieces of paper were actually taken from recycled wholesale catalogs selling d├ęcoupaged trays and paperweights.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics and the newly decorated table! Don't forget to hill up those taters!! :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. also really like the new blog layout!

Sara Parrilli said...

Thanks, Lovey.
How do I do that? (With the taters...)