Friday, June 27, 2008

Easy Choclate White Currant Cake

First of all, the photo is a lie. My camera decided to leave this world therefore forcing me to use an old photo of Melissa's b-day cake. Hers was actually the beginning of the flourless chocolate cake series, only the following recipe has some coconut flour in it.

I don't know if I've actually improved this recipe, or if chocolate cake is just completely fail-proof, but this recipe is based on the flourless chocolate cake I've been making and altering for the last year or two. Couldn't find my springform pan so used my 7.5"W x 3."D pan = rich chocolaty center! It's actually better if the cake doesn't cook all the way through to the middle, allowing for a mousse-like center. I've also made this cake in a wider, shallow pan which gives more of a "brownie-like" result.

You can do two different pans and make a layer cake, or pour some of the batter into mini heart pans of muffin tins for variation. Melissa's has a glaze on it.


Grease cake pan(s), whichever ones you have around.
DO NOT FORGET TO LINE PARCHMENT PAPER IN BOTTOM OF PAN! Makes all the difference in getting the cake out, especially if you use a deeper pan. Coat the sides with cocoa powder instead of flour.

About 1/2 cup cocoa powder (ran out of so used coconut flour, otherwise full cup!)
1 1/2 cups coconut flour (or whatever cocoa powder-flour ratio you want to use) (or no flour)
1 1/4 cups sugar
A few handfuls gooseberries (I was out of red currants) (or raspberries)

Pinch salt

4 duck eggs (or 6 and eliminate chicken eggs)
2 chicken eggs (or 8 and eliminate duck eggs)
Beat eggs lightly, then add
A splash of vanilla

1 cup (or less) Earth Balance spread
12 oz chocolate (easier to use the entire package!)
Melt until smooth.

Add melted chocolate-butter mix to mixer, beat lightly until smooth.
Add dry mix gradually at medium speed until you have a thick, full batter. I usually give a few quick pulses at a higher speed.

About 40 min at 350˚F
You don't want to over do it. The cake will be better on the second day! Leave it alone if you can, and expect the knife to come out coated in chocolate. It is 12oz of melted chocolate after all.

To go on top. Filled med. sauce pan w/ frozen stawberries (I had picked them two weeks earlier) plus a little water and a little arrowroot powder and maybe 1/4 cup sugar. Cooked until thick.

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