Sunday, December 26, 2010

Two Turtle Doves

It's the second day of Christmas, I'm listening to Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns , and I'm giving my true loves homemade cookies. So if you are lucky enough to be one of mine, you will be receiving a package in the mail or a visit in person (provided you've been good this year and that I have your address). Right this moment it's snowing heavily outside, thumbprint cookies filled with rose hip jam are baking in the oven, and The Swan is playing.

Twenty minutes later, and the thumbprints cookies are out of the oven! Believe it or not, I purposefully used up this nice jar of D'Arbo rose hip jam because I found another jar of my most favorite rose hip jam from Fior Di Frutta which is almost impossible to find and is only available this time of year. The creamy consistency of the Fior Di Frutta can't be beat!

From Christmas Day...

Lemon-orange pound cake I made for my
mother's birthday, which is also on the 25th.
A beeswax fisherman penguin
my father made for my mom one year.
Front to back:
My father's blueberry pie, my aunt's pumpkin
pie, my pound cake, and lastly my Lebküchen.
Lebküchen waiting to be eaten or sent to friends!
Hearts of course.
Kahlua caramels with cocoa powder and fleur de sel.
Some views of the dessert table...
My favorite shot of the evening...
Pumpkin pie, cake, coffee, local whisky,
whipped cream, and perfume tester strips*.
*Only in this family...

And lastly, Mr. (Red-Bellied) Woodpecker wanted to say hello again. I made him two years ago. Unfortunately his friend the Downy Woodpecker was stolen out of the Berkshire Museum that same year... He's still hoping that one day they might be reunited. Miracles do happen!

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