Friday, September 24, 2010

Sewing Update: Return of the Empire

I made this high-waisted skirt last week and am not sure yet if I'll be selling it or keeping it for myself (always a tough decision). The midriff is made out of burgundy velvet (appears red in photo) with flower appliqué cut from an upholstery fabric remnant. The gathered skirt is made from the remainder cut of an Indian block print tapestry that I used to make my shower curtain.


lena anna said...

hi Sara! i always get so impressed by your creations! i love them all! when i saw this dress i thought about a swedish company makeing clothes that you may like! here the website: big hugs to you and all the best!

Sara Parrilli said...

Wow, Lena, I want to LIVE in their catalog! So many beautiful things. Perfect inspiration for making Christmas gifts. Keep posting on your blog---I love your pictures and wish I could be there.