Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oscar the Parrot & Ginger-Kumquat Agave Syrup

Recently my mom came up with a low-glycemic index recipe for ginger syrup using agave as a healthier substitute for sugar. It can be mixed with seltzer, club soda, or any other bubbly substance (as well as gin!) to create a ginger brew or ginger ale alternative. Agave syrup can be purchased in bulk, otherwise it can be more expensive per volume. I made my own version of the syrup as a present for my friend Bharati's birthday using kumquats.
(See recipe below in above blog...)

My mom has an African Gray parrot that was rescued from a tree in a friend's yard. Even though Oscar lives in the same house as both of my parent's, when I say he's "my mom's bird," that is because he views my mom as his mate and my father as a threat. Interestingly enough, he's OK with my brother, and views him more as "cool buddy" and will whistle at him when he comes in the room.

Because of the above listed recipe, my mom has a lot of ginger lying around the house. Oscar loves ginger, and when left alone for barely a minute, he will seek it out and... himself!
He's also very fond of garlic, and will go after an entire head!
Cat food is not his favorite, but he
will have some crunchies once in a while...Stealing some nuts from my mom's display...Busy at working building a "nest."

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