Sunday, July 20, 2008

Taconic Wayside Inn - Hillbilly, Rockabilly

Saturday night in Copake Falls, NY:

First, picnic on the Bash Bish Falls river and then dancing to music played by Sauerkraut Seth, Chops and the Velvet Frog at the Taconic Wayside Inn. Who doesn't love Elvis, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash covers?

Candles on the river.
Lovely friends!
The Tall Couple
Dance Pardners
As requested by MaureenWas it raining or were we just dancing so much?
They Look Longingly
Cricket Stands Behind Us All.

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Maureen Cotton said...

whoa that night was absurd amounts of fun. but do tell Ms P, where the photo of you and I dancing? It's my favorite. :)